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TNT Tactical Network Training
Right NOW, in every showroom across this county, salespeople are WAITING to make a sale. This industry is notorious for long hours, some sales people WAIT 10, 12 hours a day, 6, 7 days a WEAK to earn NOTHING! So WORK IT! "HUNT or be… The HUNTED!"

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TEC Testimonial Evidence of Character
ALL products have a brochure, with specific information meant to compel the consumer to purchase them. SO… where is yours??? The GREATEST product ever made… YOU!

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TPS Tactical Phone Skills
REJECTION is the number 1 reason that salespeople AVOID prospect calls. So… DO NOT ask a question that can be answered NO! Then OBLIGATE the listener to ENGAGE and RESPOND! "HUNT or… be the HUNTED!"

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TFS Tactical Field Skills
To be OUTSTANDING in your field, you must first be willing to go into the field! That's right… taking the GREATEST product YOU to the consumer. "HUNT or… be the HUNTED!"

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RCS Red Carpet Service
The biggest untapped resource for NEW LEADS in your Dealership, is only a few feet away! Yet, you sit and WAIT for the advertising dollar to pay off! REALLY! How demoralizing is it to go to work, and earn NOTHING! "HUNT or…be the HUNTED!"

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REM Real E-ffective mail
How do these people get my e-mail address? And, isn't SPAM Something Posing As Meat? What happened to the HUMAN TOUCH? Would someone care enough to just write me? PLEASE! : )

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FU-2 Follow Up Too
I told you… "I love you!" when I married you? Unfortunately too often that sounds like some commissioned salespeople. They feel the love only in the deal. The proof is in the "meet and greet" "ah… what was your name again?"

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ELM Effective Leadership and Management
LEADERS are NOT born… They are MOLDED. Your willingness to learn something NEW, that you EXPECT of subordinates, and then EXECUTE by your EXAMPLE, is the TRUE mark of CHARACTER in a LEADER that we ALL will follow.
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